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Olney, MD


Client Testimonials

I met Patrick in 1995 when I needed help with our small business tax  returns. Patrick immediately helped us streamline our accounting and tax reporting obligations. I can truly say that, unlike some CPA's, who in my opinion sometimes made things unnecessarily complex, Patrick actually makes it easy. Needless to say, Patrick is still our family accountant. I wouldn't know what to without him.
- Jonathon Dotson - Silver Spring, MD

When my attorney father died in 2009, my elderly mother was very anxious over the prospects of completing her complicated tax returns without him. As friend suggested, I asked to Patrick to meet with my mom, at her home. Not only did make tax time manageable for my mother, he uncovered deductions dad overlooked for an earlier year. Mom got a refund for 2008 and her 2009 returns were filed promptly and accurately. Patrick's fee was very fair. Now tax time is so much less "taxing". Patrick - thanks for the help. I will be calling on January 1st to schedule our 2012 appointment.
- Valerie Eddy- Elliott City, MD

Pat has been taking care of me since 1993 when I was stationed by the Navy in the D.C. area. Since then, I have been from Maryland to California, then to Guam, then back to California again, then to Iraq, and finally, Florida. Pat has helped me wherever I have been. All it took was an email or a phone call and he took care of it.

Now I am an owner of my own corporation. Pat worked with me in choosing the proper business entity structure for my small business. Pat also was the one who informed me that a broker was charging me a 6.50% front end load for my mutual funds investments. You cannot find a better small business and financial planning counselor than Mr. Smith. Thanks for everything Patrick!
- U.S. Navy Lt. Commander (Ret.) Mary Beth Alden - Sarasota, Florida

I first met Mr. Smith soon after I had been to a lawyer who wanted to charge
me $1,500 for a simple incorporation. When I hesitated, this lawyer
immediately lowered the fee to $1,000. How could a simple incorporation
with one shareholder be that complicated ? How could a simple
incorporation be that expensive ?

After talking with Mr. Patrick I was able to incorporate myself directly
with State of Maryland, without the help of a lawyer. I paid $80 for my
incorporation, a filing fee paid directly to the State of Maryland. At
this point, I thought I was done. After interviewing me, Patrick he
recommended the "S Corporation" business organization. He filed the "S
Corporation" election when we met to prepare my tax returns.

So anyway, I asked Patrick how much do I owe you for that ? Pat said -
"it only took 5 minutes, so I am not charging you anything." I said,
well what do I owe you for the "INCORPORATION consultation ? Patrick
told me "you incorporated yourself, I just showed you how to do it".

I urge all of you who appreciate honesty, integrity, service and value to
contact Patrick and his office manager Mrs. Aileen. This man is not
greedy. He will tells the truth and really wants to help.
-Yours Truly: Richard Johnson Landover, Maryland

My mother passed away in 2006. In my time of grief I was inundated with questions from other family members concerning estate, probate and inheritance taxes. Thankfully I had Patrick. With his assistance I was able to file all required estate tax returns and other filings on time and without complications. He made the process easy and his fee was very reasonable.
- Debra Rockville, MD 20850