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Olney, MD


Childcare Provider Tax Services in Olney, MD

Patrick has been assisting home childcare providers with tax services for twenty years.  In fact, Pat and his wife Eileen operated a home childcare center from 1992 through 2014. He has taught classes on childcare business tax preparation and will help you with your conference, meeting, or seminar. Do you need help with any of the following?

  •  How do I depreciate my home office?  Is depreciation a good idea? What does recapture of home office depreciation when selling your home mean?   Is depreciation optional or mandatory?
  • What is and how do I calculate my childcare time share or exclusive percentage? How do I calculate my meal expense deduction under the IRS standard meal rates revenue procedure 2003-22? Is the CAFFP meal and snack reimbursement rate worth the time and trouble?
  • How to get your federal employer identification number, reporting requirements for home childcare, should I file a 1099 or w-2 for my childcare assistant or helper?
  • Registering your childcare business name in the State of Maryland; Incorporating your childcare business, Is forming a limited liability company (LLC) good for me?
  • What tax deductions am I eligible for? (Download our  Childcare Home Tax Deduction Checklist / Worksheet)
  • Depreciation of time share household property and depreciation of your home;
  • Does my home childcare business need to file a 1099 or w-2?  ( We will file a 1099 electronically for you for a reasonable price);
  • Deciding whether you need a home daycare homeowner insurance policy rider, and last;
  • Incorporating or forming a limited liability company (LLC).